Life Springs – a Journey


It’s a small place. Too small, it would seem, to be able to so separate 300 men from ten thousand. And yet, that’s what happened. This is Gideon’s Spring, the place in Judges where God used a method of drinking water to separate those that fought to free Israel from those who were told to go home.

What battles are you fighting today? Are you using overkill methods? As for me, I’m still fighting the battle of the broken wrist, typing one-handed. It takes me awhile. But my battle won’t last forever. My fingers wiggle well and I’m straightening my elbow. These are things we so take for granted. Not me, not for a long while.

Have a great day, and know that in the midst of the battle, God is there. Now, if I can only remember that when I get frustrated at how long everything takes. In this season of my journey, well, I’m trying to learn patience, but it’s not easy.

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