Spring Always Comes


We’ve had an incredibly long and hard winter. When March came, we were sure spring was just around the corner. When it was delayed by more cold temperatures, we wondered if spring would ever come. In this part of Pennsylvania, sometimes it seems we go almost directly from winter to summer, without much of a spring. But my daffodils never lie. They bloom every spring. They haven’t missed one.

When you’re tempted to give up, give in, or walk away from your troubles because it’s hard – just remember – breakthrough IS coming. I’m preaching to myself here. Nearly four weeks ago, I broke my wrist. I’ve had to choose a hard thing – for me – because I ultimately knew surgery would help me recover faster. Twelve days after surgery, my splint was taken off, and I’m wearing a brace.

Believe me, I need this encouragement as much as anyone. Typing one-handed takes a lot longer. But yesterday, the splint/new cast (not much plaster done in U.S. anymore) was replaced by a brace. When I’m tempted, and it’s almost a daily thing, to rant and rave in frustration, I’m choosing to tell myself that Spring IS here. Because I know that summer is on the way. And when summer comes, my wrist should about be back to normal.

Have a great week – and know that Spring Always Comes.

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