In the Middle of Process

in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Fountain in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Writing a novel is a l-o-n-g process. Life interferes, at least mine did, and I had to stop altogether. My interference was a broken wrist. The bones have healed, but it’s taken weeks and weeks, and I still don’t have full mobility or strength back.

In the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Israel, I fell and broke my wrist. And already, I’m thinking of going back. I wanna go back to Jerusalem, where I fell, and see what I didn’t get to see the last time.

I’m finally typing two-handed now. It took weeks…and a couple of thick books to elevate the keyboard for awhile. I’ll try to post more often now that I can. I said in an earlier post, I could do all kinds of play-on words for the word “broken,” but I wasn’t going to. Maybe in future posts I will, one at a time.

Suggestions for changes in my novel, Meghan’s Choice, from a mentor have to percolate like coffee brewing. To tell you the truth, in the last month or so, I wasn’t sure I could make necessary changes to improve the story and the writing. But I think I can get started.

Because you have to start at the beginning, I’m thinking of changing my first sentence.

What’s on your heart? Write it down. Somewhere. Share it. Enrich someone else’s life with what you write. That’s my goal for this blog. Show process, bring encouragement, hopefully, enrich your life.

Let me know if you like it. Share it, comment. I’d love to hear of YOUR process!

2 Comments on “In the Middle of Process”

  1. Glad you are healed Donna! Process is a lost art now a days, along with patience. I’m currently writing a screen play. It’s comes in waves for me. Dialogue flows ideas become so vivid in my mind and when I’m lucky I can have it flow them flow out the end of my pen. I enjoyed your post!



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