Process Continues – revisions in life and writing

What-story    This week, I promised to talk about writing again. I feel I’ve written the story several times already, with each revision, each run through, it does seem I’ve written several stories within the one overall story of Meghan’s Choice.

           Whose story are you telling? Yours – or – someone else’s.

I’m asking a question today – because I ran into this challenge while writing my novel. What – or – whose – story are you writing?

I had two mentors while drafting my novel. When dealing with some of the specific scenes or characterizations, it seemed my two mentors disagreed. At that point, I had to make a decision.

Whose story was I going to write?

Inevitably, one mentor helped me make the decision. She said, “It’s your story. Write it your way.” But as a novice novelist, I want my novel to be read by the most people once it’s published. I valued both mentors equally. I wouldn’t be writing if it weren’t for one of them giving me encouragement when I needed it the most. I paid this mentor to edit my novel – twice.

I’m incorporating most of the changes she wanted me to make. If there are a few I’m not, I have a good reason for not.

I’ve tweaked and revised and re-written my novel at least five times in the last year. I’m hoping I’m on my last pre-publication revision right now. Because if I can find a royalty publisher who will give me a contract, I’m sure I’ll be revising it again! But that’s okay, because I know they have the same goal I do – sell books.

If I can’t find a royalty publisher, I have other options up my sleeve. I know a few indie publishers who will publish my book if I pay them – and I’ll get my money back whenever a book is sold.

   Be true to yourself and to processDSC00874

The second part of my quote I just realized – sounds likes Shakespeare. “To thine own self be true.” There were times in the writing, when I felt torn between what almost seemed to be “dueling mentors.” There was one scene in particular they sharply disagreed on. A note here: they don’t talk to each other and they live in different parts of the country. They’ve heard of each other, they were involved in the same online writing school (which I was a part – which is how I got to know both of them) but they don’t know each other, except maybe by reputation.

Revisions in life also occur. I can’t tell you how many of those I’ve had. Revision in life means to change things. Do it over, do it again, or change it and do something entirely different.

Writing is organic – it lives, breathes, moves, and changes, just like life. At least mine does. I’ve written all kinds of things…broadcast and print journalistic style, scriptwriting/plays, magazine feature writing, and now fiction.

Life is organic – we are constantly changing, even when or if it doesn’t seem to. Thankfully, every year spring comes and things grow, like these roses. Even though they’re part of a bouquet, the bush they came from still grows, changes, and blooms.

Are you blooming today?

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