Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015 — Part II

market guide 2015This week, we’ll look at “The Power of Surprise,” from The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015. Dave Lambert wrote all the fiction articles included in this resource. He says “Too often, we Christians are obsessed by control.” Let’s look at that. #ChristianWritersMarketGuide2015 #amwriting

“Tight control stifles the creative impulse.” And “…all good writing is surprising. It should be as surprising for us as we create it as it is for others when they read it. One great joy of writing fiction is being surprised by our characters and what they do and say.” If you’re a fiction writer, you’ll find that to be true. Click to Tweet

We use both sides of our brain for different tasks. Lambert is trying to convey that we writers, especially Christian fiction writers, need to trust the right side, or creative side of our brains while writing that first draft. We can always go back and edit it, making it better, and this is the creative process. The right side of our brains is where the surprises will come from. Click to Tweet

I love what Lambert says about the first draft. “Your first draft…is key in deciding how much freedom you’ll allow yourself in exploring the story and the characters. Are you going to hold to some plan so tightly, you don’t allow yourselfsurprise quote to explore what you learn about the characters and the story as you go?”

I’ll share his pull quote here. “If you’re not being surprised as you write, your readers likely won’t be either.” Click to Tweet

I repeat my sentiment from last week in saying that this book is a one-stop Christian writer’s resource, with listings of publishing companies, writing contests, conferences, writers groups, genres and who takes what, agents, you-name-it — it’s here.

Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015 really is all you need to get published. Available at Amazon and from him, #ChristianWritersMarketGuide2015 #amwriting

Have you used this resource? Leave a comment and let me know.

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