New Year’s Resolutions—NOT!

2016Many people make New Year’s resolutions every year, then fail to keep them. I learned a long time ago that although you or I may want to change our lives with a new start, our human frailties get in the way, and we fail miserably. This year, I resolve to change in only one way. Instead of making a list, I’ll focus in on one thing. #onething #noresolutions Click To Tweet

This year, that one thing is actually a process of three things: 1) forgive, 2) release, and 3) advance.

AdvanceAbout a year ago, I posted my experience of a weird rejection. And it was bizarre because certain people didn’t get their facts straight. It helped me to blog about it. I was able to forgive quickly, release the pain caused, and it enabled me to move forward, and continue to advance my life.

Things like this used to get me stuck. A rejection could keep me in place for months or years, and divert me from where I should have been going. That was long before I realized what rejection issues were, and how I could be healed and put them behind me.

I resolve this year to advance my life by letting go of the past, holding on to each day as it happens, valuing it, learn from my mistakes, and make forward progress.

What about you? Does something hold you back? Resolve to change one thing about yourself this year. #onething #noresolutions Click to Tweet We have 366 days (it’s Leap Year) to do it. Where do you want to be a year from now? Leave a comment and let me know.

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