Encourage Yourself––Part II

Just so you know…I’m locked out of my office and can’t get to my resource on creating suspense. So, just in case I can’t get there later today, here’s a re-blog for you to enjoy. If I can, I will post on Creating Suspense as soon as I can access my office. It’s not a matter of needing a key. The lock is locked from the inside, and it’s an inside door. Get the picture?

Donna L.H. Smith

peace dove 3The western culture, like the ancient Greeks, worships body and soul. By that I mean that we of the western world, have elevated the sleek, svelte body and the “positive thinking” mindset above all else. There’s nothing inherently wrong with positive thinking, which is basically letting go of negative mindsets, but if you don’t worship the Creator, who gave you your mind and your spirit, you’re setting up something else to worship. Click to Tweet #encourageyourself #worshipGod

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