Writing Scintillating Scenes––Part XII

We’re winding down this series on writing scintillating scenes. Last time, we looked at one model––to review elements in a scene. This time we’ll look at scene analysis. Writing a sparkling, crisp scene helps to create a story the reader can’t put down. Click to Tweet #amwriting #scintillatingscenes

Scene Analysis

  • Summarize the scene event. List the main beats of action. What is the focal point of the scene where the scene seems to turn the action in a different direction?
  • Describe the emotional shift taking place in the scene. Who is the POV character? Is this character in control of the scene? Does some sort of emotional negotiation or exchange take place? Does the interaction between the characters reflect a broken relationship, a renegotiation or is the POV character strengthened by what happens?
  • Evaluate the scene. Does it move the story along? Is the scene important in relationship to the whole story? How is it necessary?
  • Make sure the scene is shaped well, with a beginning, middle, and an end. Is anything missing? If so, how can you evaluate the missing elements in the larger context of the whole story?
  • What element of craft in this scene can be improved, and help you in your overall writing?

Analyzing your scenes will bring a glitter to your scenes, making them more powerful and memorable––scintillating and sparkling. Click to Tweet #amwriting #scintillatingscenes

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