God’s Special Effects — Part I

Shooting stars, Aurora Borealis, super moons, blood moons, blue moons. These are some of God’s “special effects.” Those things that are unusual. Things we don’t see every day. They are also things we can’t manufacture. Signs in the sky are just part of God’s Special Effects. Click to Tweet #GodsSpecialEffects #amwriting

I’ve never seen a shooting star, or the Aurora Borealis. I’ve seen a super moon, a blue moon, but not a blood moon.

But there are other types of “special effects” in the world. Some, we would call “simple” — those every day little serendipities that occur. Like, you’re thinking of a friend, and they call you. Or, you change your mind about something you want to do—and something extraordinary happens.

For example, last year, I told you about meeting my biological family. I can tell you, I had resolved in my heart when I was a child, and many times after growing up—that I was never going to do that. I believe God changed my heart. Through a string of disappointments, (I’ve already written about some of them), I needed something to make myself feel better. Then came all those commercials about DNA testing. So, I decided to do it. I have several more aunts and even an uncle, plus cousins…but of course, the biggest are my half-siblings.

The fact that I finally got my novel published late last year is also what I’d call one of God’s Special Effects. I’m published through the literary agency I’m signed with — and God had everything to do with that. Because that agency had originally turned me down. But, at the same time they were recruiting someone to take the place of an agent retiring, they offered a second look. And…it just so happened, that the person they recruited was someone I’d just gotten to know through another writers’ group.

In the Bible, God used a worldwide flood, ten plagues, a wall of water on both sides of a path through the Red Sea, and many other such special effects to show His people He was not only with them, but that He would take care of them.

As for me, God orchestrated all the events I spoke of, to show me how much He loves me. When I get angry and frustrated about things, all I need to do is take a look back at the last couple years and see the wonder of God’s Special Effects. What about you? Have you experienced God’s Special Effects in your life?  Click to Tweet  Leave a comment and let me know. #GodsSpecialEffects #amwriting

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