Freedom’s Fireworks for July—Part II

Last week we talked about freedom from fear. This week –– freedom from crippling doubts. Synonyms of doubt: hesitation, reservation, uncertainty, misgiving, and mistrust. Doubts can harden our hearts. #FreedomsFireworks4July #donnalhsmith #IndependenceDayJuly4 #DoubtYourDoubts #KerriAdamic

We’ll be told something, and with our 21st century skepticism, we say, “I doubt it.” Doubts can hinder our growth. Doubts can paralyze us into fear.

We doubt truth, wondering if someone is lying to us. Lies are all around us. And we choose to believe many of them. Little voices inside us say, “You’re no good. You’ll never amount to anything.”

Or maybe, the voices are from our loved ones. Or authority figures, likes teachers, coaches, bosses. “You can’t do that! You’re not trained! You’re not educated! You’re too young! You’re too old!

All kinds of voices express doubts.

Last year, I told you about finding my biological relatives. I had to overcome the fear (which we talked about last week), of rejection (which has been considerable in my life) in order to get to know them.

One of those I’ve gotten to know only recently, is my cousin Kerri Adamic. Something happened when she was a baby, and she stopped breathing. When she started again, she was paralyzed and can’t speak. But she has a sharp wit and a quick mind. I haven’t met her yet, but we’re hoping to set up a joint book signing in Arizona next year. Yep, she’s a writer, too.

Her book title tells it all: Doubt Your Doubts. I love that title, because that’s precisely what we need to do. Doubt our doubts. It’s in the publishing process. You can pre-order it from her website:

Jesus said, “Don’t be faithless any longer. Believe.” John 20:27. It’s after the resurrection, when he told Thomas to put his hand in his side, and his fingers in the nail prints. Can you imagine how Thomas felt? He probably really wanted to believe, but since he hadn’t been there when Jesus showed up post-resurrection before, Thomas found it hard to accetp Jesus was really alive. That his body was truly alive and human, and he wasn’t just a spirit.

That’s why Jesus told Thomas to go ahead and prove it to himself that Jesus was real. And that’s when he said, “Don’t be faithless. Believe.”

We live in a doubting world. And we need to be wary of “fake news” these days. But when we discover the real, the fake fades away.

Did you know that’s how government agents can spot counterfeit money? They study the real so carefully and closely, that they just know when they see something that’s counterfeit.

Study the real God. The real Jesus. The real Holy Spirit. Get to know them, and you’ll come to doubt your doubts, just as my cousin Kerri has.

Doubt your doubts. Put your hand in Jesus’ side, place your faith in Him. He’s waiting for you. #FreedomsFireworks4July #donnalhsmith #IndependenceDayJuly4 DoubtYourDoubts #KerriAdamic

5 Comments on “Freedom’s Fireworks for July—Part II”

  1. Donna I am Kerri’s aide and I have read your book . I enjoyed it very much and kept telling Kerri about how I usually figure things out before the end. I love the twist you put in that kept my interest. I can’t wait to read the Seuel. Seeing you putting Kerri book in your talk is fantastic I am proud to be part of her team She really wants to meet you and we are trying to figure a way to meet. Texas is a goal in September but she said you are having a Writing seminar and we are really considering that. She encourages me to write about my life but can’t quite get the feel So maybe this is a goal for me as well
    Thank you for being someone who listen to her and given her support.
    God Bless and I ould love to continue to listen to this seminar series.

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    • Thanks for your comments and kind words, Connie. Would you mind leaving a review on Amazon? That always helps writers. Details are still being worked on for my visit to Arizona. But we will meet up. 🙂


  2. What does freedom mean to me? Freedom is to be able to do something by ourselves without any help. For a good example, in my manual wheelchair, I cannot push myself very far, not mentioning that I push myself backwards by using my feet; HOWEVER, when I am in my motorized wheelchair, I use my good left hand to drive my motorized wheelchair everywhere I want. Another example of freedom is that I cannot talk like anyone else, but I have a wonderful communication device where I am able to type whatever I would like to say to anyone without having someone to read my spelling board.
    I was thinking what I wanted to contribute this morning on my way to church, and I came up with these two examples. Without my motorized wheelchair and communication device, I would not have the real freedom to be as independent as I am now.

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