The Romance Plot—Part IV

There are numerous romance plot types, but we’ll only look at a few of them—my “favorite” types. What they all have in common is the guy and the girl. The man and the woman. These two will end up together. It’s the details of how, why, when, where, and what happens to them to get them together. That’s the fun! @donnalhsmith @a3writers #TheRomancePlot Click to Tweet

Opposites Attract

You may already have an idea of a romance plot. There’s one I’d call “opposites attract” but it’s not a “real” romance plot type. It’s the type we’re doing with our contemporary romance, “Romancing the Rabbi.” We have an American Jewish rabbi falling in love with an Israeli Jewish businessman. There’s a “rancher/cowboy and the city girl” type plot that’s popular, especially in contemporary romance. That’s pretty opposite, and that’s why I’m calling the “type” “opposites attract.”

What can be more opposite than country v. city? Our Jewish couple may share the same basic faith, but she’s a rabbi, so she’s probably more progressive, and a big city girl. The businessman has been raised conservative Jew, and maybe he’s from a smaller town in Israel.

Marriage of Convenience

Especially in my genre of historical westerns, this is a popular romance type. Usually financially-motivated, the couple puts the cart before the horse, so to speak, marriage before romance, but end up falling in love at the end anyway. I’ve seen numerous of these kinds of plots. Some are more creative than others.

The thing about romance is that it is a “formula.” But anything you can do to think outside the box, to bring a uniqueness to your story—that’s what will hook an agent or editor—or reader. Because ultimately, writing is about the reader. What they want to see, read, or feel in a story, that’s your goal. To reach your reader.

What makes this plot type work is that the most intimate of relationships, marriage—is made to someone who is essentially a stranger. They might be an acquaintance, but rarely a close friend. This heightens sexual tension and brings out all the emotions of intimacy with a virtual stranger.

Whatever you decide to do in your romance, find the rarest elements, characters, plot twists, etc. to enhance the story. Make it satisfying to the reader, and uniquely your own. @donnalhsmith @a3writers #TheRomancePlot Click to Tweet

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