September 2 Remember — Part II Where Were You?

It was a beautiful, sunshine-y day, seventeen years ago. I’m not one to get up and turn on the news. My mother lived with us and she had an eye appointment with an optometrist in the late morning. #September2Remember @donnalhsmith @a3writers

We drove over and the place was locked. No phone call, no nothing. No notice.

But that’s what happened.

The United States was given no notice that Muslim terrorists had targeted three airplanes to use as humongous bombs.

I drove Mom home and called my husband at work. He told me what happened. We had two televisions at that point, one upstairs, one downstairs. I turned on the upstairs television and Mom and I watched with horror just as the second plane drove itself into the second tower.

September 11, 2001.

I sat glued in front of the television the rest of the day. Stores, businesses, and schools closed as we sought to shut ourselves up at home, praying for protection and help.

That was a September 2 Remember. Let’s continue to remember what happened. This is why we have upgraded security at airports. Why the Department of Homeland Security was formed.

I’m thankful that many of our Muslim friends are not terrorists and never want to be.

It became the question of the decade: Where were you when you learned about the Twin Towers?

I’ve lived long enough for that to be the second such question. It’s one of those life-changing indelibly branded on your memory.

The first was: “Where were you when you learned President Kennedy had been shot?” I remember that day. I was home for lunch from elementary school. I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade. I was nine years old.

I was about to go back after lunch (our school did not have a cafeteria because most students lived close by. It was only at most, a 10-minute walk home…half a mile.

On this, the seventeenth anniversary of this horrific event, it’s fitting, it’s even the same day of the week.

I’ve shared about where I was.

Where were you on September 11th? Leave a comment and let me know. #September2Remember @donnalhsmith @a3writers

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