Firewall – Suspense and Surprise

I have to admit, I’m prejudiced. I know DiAnn a bit, she’s a writing mentor of mine. Four and three-quarters stars. I don’t give five stars hardly ever, but this new one of DiAnn Mills comes very, very close. Twist after twist, and the biggest is the mastermind behind a terrorist attack at the Houston Airport. Firewall has suspense, action, adventure, mystery, and romance. What more could you ask for. And of course, the writing is terrific, the characters are well-developed. The plot is a roller coaster ride.

by DiAnn Mills

by DiAnn Mills

What happens when you are caught up in a deceptive web of lies, treason, and double-cross? That’s Firewall. When the mastermind is finally revealed, I let out a “Wow! I didn’t THAT coming!” It will surprise you.

I think it’s how we would all feel if we were betrayed by someone we thought we knew, we thought we loved, and yet find ourselves vulnerable to physical, emotional, and spiritual attack by one villain after another. That’s the heroine, Taryn Young. Oddly enough for her, the only one she feels she can trust is FBI special agent Grayson Hall. Even though Taryn is just married, it seems her husband is missing, or killed when a bomb explodes at the Houston Airport.

Between the opening disaster and the final battle, comes intrigue and danger. As Grayson and Taryn work together to try to find out what happened at the airport, and who is ultimately behind not only bombing, but the security software that someone is trying to steal – they begin to find friendship, then more during the of the book.

As a character, I liked was Joe West, Grayson’s uncle, the man who practically raised Grayson. He was the voice of wisdom and kindness. I liked him a lot. He was a great help and encouragement to Taryn and Grayson.

Why should I tell you the whole plot? Read it for yourself. You won’t want to put it down!

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