About Donna L.H. Smith

I’m a prairie girl from Kansas transplanted to Amish country, Pennsylvania, married to a wonderful man for over 30 years. I’m also a member of a great church, where I serve on prayer ministry team. I also enjoy reading, classic television and movies, writing occasional book reviews, and of course, writing. In 2014, I closed an Internet organic chocolate truffle business to concentrate on writing.

Things are changing for me. For the last five years, I’ve focused on writing Christian fiction alone. But God has been stirring my heart to help others by bringing inner healing to life’s hurts. Later this year or early 2020, I hope to launch an inner healing ministry called Refreshing Streams. Stay tune.

For nearly four years, I contributed to Almost An Author (A3). Click here to check out this comprehensive website to help writers grow platform and learn craft. I stepped down from being Managing Editor in April 2019.

My debut novel, Meghan’s Choice was named a semi-finalist in Operation 1st Novel for 2015. In the fall of 2015, it placed at the Blue Ridge Advanced Novelist Retreat – 3rd Place for Best Opening Paragraph and 2nd Place for Best First Page. In 2018, it placed in the finals of the Selah 2018 Award in the Western category and the finals of the Will Rogers Medallion Award in the Inspiration category.

My second novel, Rose’s Redemption, pre-published, won two 1st place certificates at the 2017 Advanced Novelist Retreat for Best Opening Paragraph and Best First Page. 2nd in Golden Leaf. It also made the finals in The Phoenix Rattler contest sponsored by ACFW Arizona. It is now released and available on Amazon. It also has made the finals of the 2019 Selah Awards in the Western category.

My extensive writing experience includes everything from radio journalism to newspaper to magazine articles, scriptwriting, to slidesets and filmstrips, public relations and marketing and promotional pieces over the past 40+ years. I’ve finished my first novel, and this blog is about my experiences with it and how process is important to our lives in many different ways. Because just as writing is a process, so is life. Our whole lives include one process after another, it seems, plus rejection issues and just about anything else that crosses my mind.

My education includes a B.S. in broadcasting and a M.A. in Communications, both from many years ago. I also completed the Craftsman course from Christian Writers Guild. Currently, I serve as ACFW Mid-Atlantic Zone Director. Check out that link . I’m also a member of Advanced Writers & Speakers Association (AWSA) Protege Program.

“Remember Honor,” an as-yet-to-be-published historical romance novella set at the time of the Alamo, was a semi-finalist in the 2016 ACFW Genesis Contest.

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  1. Hi Kelly. I just received notification about your joining ACFW. I’ll email you tomorrow (Thursday). In the meantime, WELCOME! 🙂 I’ll give you all the information you need.


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