Too Far Down

By Mary Connealy

This is the third book in the Cimarron Legacy series. I reviewed the first, No Way Up, then took a break, but did purchase and read the second book, Long Time Gone. The third is Too Far Down.

I love it when Mary ties in characters from other series. She’s tied this series with one of her most popular, and the first series I ever read, The Kincaid Brides Series. The character of Heath Kincaid, the “surprise” brother of their wandering father, raised a mountain away, but had strong easily recognizable family resemblance, especially to Seth, the hero of the third book in the Kincaid Brides series, Over the Edge. Heath was the hero of the first book, and ended up marrying Sadie Boden.

This story revolves around Cole Boden, the oldest child and favored of his grandparents, his mother, their daughter. He spent ten years living in Boston with his grandparents. He missed his family though, and once his grandparents died, he returned to New Mexico, but will he stay out west, or leave once the troubles are over and the ridiculous requirement of living at the Cimarron Ranch for a year is over? Cole manages the Boden mines when a succession of explosions cause great damage and the loss of six miners. It’s quickly learned that this is probably the latest in long series of crimes against the Boden family, stretching from many years. It’s a puzzle, but with several layers.

Melanie “Mel” Blake is a cowgirl in every sense of the word. She can ride, rope, and shoot better than almost any man she knows. She knows she’s falling for Cole, but can’t seem to help herself. How could she possibly think to corral such an educated and civilized man as Cole? Even though they grew up together, she can’t commit her heart to a man who may not stick around.

Just when the Bodens think they’ve resolved the problems, more occur. More villains come to light, with more motives. Although some of the mystery was predictable, there was one wonderful “surprise” I just loved! The re-appearance of a character from another series. I screeched, and I rarely do that. But when that little surprise exposed itself, I just couldn’t help it. I won’t ruin the story for you by telling you who it was. Although, you could probably guess it.

And, I’m happy to say, I didn’t find writing problems or typographical in this book. I thoroughly loved this series, and just about anything Mary writes. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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