Rose’s Redemption

A Former Dance Hall Girl.
A Handsome Young Doctor.
Can Rose overcome her past?
Rose’s Redemption


Second in the Known by Heart Series

Rose Rhodes is a former dance hall girl trying to change her life. After a late spring tornado ripped through New Boston, Rosalie O’Roarke decided to change her name and her way of life—becoming respectable. Knowing people only see what they want to see, she changed her appearance. When she walks down the street now, not even the man who viciously beat her earlier that spring recognizes her.

Doctor Scott Allison is so busy that he often takes time off and goes “fishing.” Sometimes, he really does take his pole and tackle basket with him. He’s looking forward to this trip—a chance to get away and clear his head after the series of gunfights finally ended. But an accident leaves him disabled for weeks, just when Rose needs him the most. How can he protect her from her past when he can’t even walk?

Jake Thomas must have Rosalie O’Roarke. People in town say she left after the tornado. No one has seen her. He will find her if it’s the last thing he ever does.

Hannah Samuelson feels left out…of everything. Everyone at the boardinghouse seems to have someone to be close to, except her. Who can she get close to?

When Rose is kidnapped, Scott tries to find her. Jake Thomas isn’t the only figure from Rose’s past she’ll have to deal with. Her mother, the Chesapeake Madam, comes to take over a local saloon and call it Madam Margaret’s. She invites Rose to join her in the business—and delivers a bombshell from which Rose may never recover.

Rumors abound that the railhead is moving to Wichita. How will the town survive? Yet, amid a turbulent fall, an old “cowboy” named Rafe visits Scott, Rose, and Duncan Wilcox with personal messages of hope.

A new year’s influenza outbreak threatens to turn into an epidemic. The town reels from news of the railhead’s departure. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a train disaster a few miles outside of town threatens to expose Rose’s identity. Will she have to leave the town that’s become home to her? Can she overcome her past and marry the handsome doctor who loves her?

“Rose’s Redemption” won two First Place honors (Best Opening Paragraph & Best First Page) at the Advanced Novelist Retreat in 2017. It also made the finals of the Phoenix Rattler Contest in the Historical category. It’s now available on Amazon or from this website.

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