Prophetic Impressions

EyeThis tab will be dedicated to what I call “prophetic impressions.” I am NOT a psychic. They speak of things that exist as though they don’t. A prophetic person speaks things from the heart of God by calling those things are NOT, as though they ARE.

Very seldom do I get “prophetic impressions” I believe are for distribution beyond myself. In 2003, when I heard the news that Elizabeth Smart had been found alive, I felt her discovery was a prophetic picture of people coming out of bondage, that God had covenanted with His people to free them.

God’s word is for today. We read the Bible and we can also receive a “rhema” (a now) word either through scripture, through natural events, prayer, dreams and visions, or utterances.

Each page beyond this one will have some sort of prophetic impression I received through one or more of the means stated above. If you’re blessed by the message, leave a comment and let me know. If you disagree with me, please know that’s OK. God is still speaking to people today everywhere – if we have a heart to listen.

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