Hannah’s Hope


A Shy Harvey Girl.
A Young Mennonite miller.
A small town in danger of extinction.
Will there be a miracle?
That’s Hannah’s Hope

Third in the Known by Heart Series

Hannah Samuelson is working as a Harvey Girl at the local restaurant when she meets Bernie Warkentyne. Then, Hannah gets bad news from her home in Ohio, and is forced to return for a while, hoping to move Grammy and her sister Lizzie back to Kansas with her. How can God work all this out? Widow Olivia Baldwin has just healed from the tragic loss of her husband two years ago. Can Sheriff Stuart Randall help her open her heart to love again? Bernie Warkentyne is struggling to rebuild his mill after a devastating fire and attract additional Russian Mennonite farmers to the area in the wake of the railhead moving to Wichita. With good news springing up all over, it looks like the town of New Boston is finally settling down when a swarm of locusts descends, eating everything in its path. As the town works together rebuild yet again, Harvey House Restaurant prepares to close its doors, and Hannah will need to find some other means to support herself. Will Bernie’s offer of marriage be the way out for her? What about Grammy and Lizzie?

Release will be soon. Stay tuned for details.

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