Writing Romance 101––Part I

So, you think you want to write a romance? It’s a great genre. We all love fairy tales where the prince and the princess live happily ever after, right? That’s probably where romance got its start. A story with a happy ending, where guy meets girl. They get together. Live happy. Click to Tweet #amwriting #romancewriting101

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Another Day – Another Tooth

It seems to me that this is the year of my teeth. I had one extracted in April, then a slice of jawbone shaved, because I was still having pain. In June, I had a root canal done. Last week, I went to a new dentist and a new endodontist. The new Endo poked and prodded and found some sort of “blood pocket” and cleared it out. Since then, I’ve had very little pain. #dentalpain #dentalwork

Of course, the tooth that started it all decided it had had enough of chewing. I called it my “crevice” tooth, because it had a canyon that went below the gum line. Over the weekend, and especially Sunday night, it gave me horrific pain.

Anyway, that tooth has now been extracted. The year of the dental work is continuing. Who knows how long it will go? Sorry I don’t have a better post for you today. I count my blessings though. A missionary friend is suffering from recurring malaria and pneumonia on the mission field in Guyana. #dentalpain #dentalwork

Please enjoy the archives. Have a blessed week.

Writers’ Conference Prep 101––Part I

DiAnn Mills & I at ACFW 2014

A writer friend of mine recently returned from a her first major writers’ conference. She had a great time, and learned a lot. She’d done most of the things she needed to do to prepare, except for one important thing she didn’t realize. That’s the topic for today. Traditional publishers and even agents require a finished manuscript before consideration of first-time authors. Click to Tweet #amwriting #conferenceprep101 #finishyourmanuscript

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Another Year, Another Birthday

I really do love my birthday. (on Wednesday). It’s just the older I get, the less I like it. And yet, I still wanna celebrate it. About seventeen years ago, while Mother was living with us, she’d had a medical reversal and didn’t even know when it was my birthday. I didn’t push the subject with her. We just celebrated in a much downplayed fashion that year. #anotheryear #anotherbirthday

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Keeping the Middle Moving––Part VII

That sagging middle––you know the place. It’s where your story bogs down, and you don’t know how to fix it. Today, we’ll look at The comedic scene, the setup scene, plus explain what kind of scene you should never write in the middle of your story. Keep them laughing with comedic tension and set-up the next conflict with more tension. Click to Tweet #keepmiddlemoving #amwriting

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Keeping the Middle Moving––Part VI

Choose your scenes wisely. But which to choose? There are certain types of scenes that, if utilized, can ramp up your action, create tension, and keep your middle from bogging down. There is one scene type you won’t want to use. We’ll cover that next week. Use the chase, the fight, and the romance, to help keep the middle moving. Click to Tweet #keepmiddlemoving #amwriting

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