Death at Thorburn Hall

By Julianna Deering

I write book reviews for basically two authors these days, and Julianna Deering is one of them. I write my feelings about the book, which was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

The latest in the Drew Farthering series is one of the best. It’s book number six in the series. I think it must be difficult to write a long series like this, but Julianna is doing just fine. She brings in what are called in the writing world, “long strands” or strings of plot, as well as the story at hand. Reference to other stories in the series is usually included. That makes it fun.

I’ve been reading this series from the beginning. My favorite one is still the second in the series, (Death by the Book), but each book has its own distinct flair and fun mystery.

I enjoyed this because it takes place at what we would call The British Open in 1935. Politics at the time: Hitler is rising to power in Germany. Already people are taking sides whether or not they like what he’s doing there.

Drew & Madeline, Nick & Carrie come to Thorburn Hall to stay during the Open. The lord of the manor, Lord Rainsby, dies in a riding accident. A daughter, Joan, asks Drew to look into her father’s death.

As Drew investigates, he finds complications with Rainsby’s will, which casts suspicion on the lady of the house, Lady Louisa. Other players include a Russian count who pilfers anything small, but of value, friends of Lady Louisa, a caddie, and a local police sergeant who helps Drew in his unofficial investigations.

Death at Thorburn Hall is probably now my second favorite, because of the long strand plot resolution she’s included in this. It has to do with Drew’s search for his natural mother, from the early books in the series. Very satisfactory conclusion to his search, alluded to at the beginning of the book.

Carrie is Madeline’s friend, and she’s in love with Nick, but cannot tolerate the danger when he helps Drew with the case. Will she decide to stay in England, or go back to America?

All in all, I’d give Death at Thorburn Hall 4.5 stars. Great book!


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