Murder on the Moor


By Julianna Deering

I don’t generally write book reviews in accordance with standard book review practices, such as a comprehensive, detailed look at everything. I tried that one time, and it bored me out of my skull. I’m more feeling-oriented, with general thoughts when I write book reviews.

With this in mind, here are my thoughts and impressions about Murder on the Moor, by Julianna Deering.

I’ve been reading this series from the beginning. My favorite one is still the second in the series, (Death by the Book), but each book has it’s own distinct flair and fun mystery.

In Murder on the Moor, amateur sleuth Drew Farthering and his wife Madeline, have been summoned by Drew’s old school scum, Beaky Bloodworth, to investigate strange goings on in the moor, and find out who killed the local vicar, and why.

And yes, there’s a hound. Is he a phantom, a gigantic monster roaming the moor to attack unsuspecting wanderers?

There’s plenty to keep Drew busy, especially after Beaky’s wife’s old nanny is also found dead.

Plenty of suspects abound, the gamekeeper, the neighbors, a poacher, and even Beaky’s wife. Drew has his hands full weeding through scarce evidence, and mysterious happenings in the north wing of Beaky’s mansion. And what about a strange patient in a nearby mental institution that Beaky’s family has been supporting for years?

It gets dangerous for both Drew and Madeline as they sort through people, history, and few leads.

I’d give Murder on the Moor four stars, because I liked it. It didn’t blow me away like the second book did, but I liked it.


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