Stuck Together Book Review

Stuck Together

By Mary Connealy

stuck together

I really enjoy Mary Connealy’s books. I’ve read the Kincade Brides series and several other trilogies I’ll mention at the end. Last year I reviewed Fired Up, and I jumped at the chance to review Stuck Together. Some of Mary’s stories are better than others, and I’d say anything she does in full-length trilogy form is worth reading. I’ve read some of her stand-alone shorter novels, but I find these full length novels are better, because the characters and plot are more fully developed and considered.

As I mentioned in my last review of Fired Up, I figured Stuck Together would center on Vince Yates and Tina Cahill, and it does. Tina is fellow Regulator-preacher Jonas Cahill’s sister. She’s small, but she’s mighty…a crusader for temperance. In the first chapter, she starts a brawl. It’s incredibly funny to read.

As for Vince, we actually find out more about his past as his family shows up unexpectedly in Broken Wheel. His dad drops off his mother and a half-sister, then promptly leaves. Vince’s mom has dementia and the half-sister, Melissa takes care of the wife of her father, but after Melissa and Jonas fall in love, care of Mrs. Yates falls mainly to Tina, and Vince.

As Vince struggles with his own self-image and his growing love for Tina, he is also called upon to continue being sheriff and lawyer of Broken Wheel, even though he doesn’t really like it. We find out that Vince actually had higher education, but didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Vince has always seemed to me to be the strong, silent type, but he isn’t. He just doesn’t share a lot. But he is a natural leader, a trait confirmed several times throughout this story.

Towards the beginning of the book, just after his mother has been dumped on him, he takes a trip from Texas to New Orleans, supposedly to find information on how to treat crazy people, because Lana Bullard escaped from jail. But Tina suspects an ulterior motive when she observes Mrs. Yates’ condition.

Vince and Tina find themselves Stuck Together in taking of Mrs. Yates, and in their hearts. Vince explains it nicely. “I can’t believe the time I wasted trying not to end up stuck together with the only single woman left in town.”

Mary Connealy has a knack for writing humor in the midst of very serious situations, and bringing the comic relief that is needed in writing drama.

I would recommend any of Mary Connealy’s books for those who love historical fiction westerns. Her characters are well developed, even as they conceal things from each other. This book ends the Trouble in Texas series. I wonder what she’ll come up with next.

You’ll rarely be disappointed with Mary’s books. You don’t to read any other series of hers in order to enjoy this book. It can also be a stand-alone book, although your understanding of the characters and situations in this story will be enriched if you read the others as well. I have a tendency to sometimes read books out of order. Only rarely do I read all of a series. But I’ve read most of Mary’s books – her Kincade Brides, Sophie’s Daughters Trilogy, two other trilogies, Montana Marriages and Gingham Mountain. They’re all good.

I’d rate this 4-1/2 stars. I rarely give five stars out to a book. It has to really blow me away – because I’m such an avid reader. So if I say I really like it, I really do.

I received this book from the publisher in return for my honest opinion.

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