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Sorry about this. I’m getting a root canal done today (Monday) at the last minute, so to speak. There was a cancellation. I’ve had pain for seven weeks. So, please forgive my lack of a new Tuesday post this week. If I feel good enough tomorrow (Tuesday), I’ll do a Wednesday post. If not, so sorry.

Please enjoy the archives. Thank you for stopping this blog. Blessings on your day.

Writing Scintillating Scenes––Part X

Big scenes. They are important to your story and will drive it along. How do you write a big scene? Is it a small focus, but vital to the story? A big scene may have only two characters interacting as part of a larger event, such as a wedding or funeral. Or a big scene could have many characters interacting together. Big scenes are important, whether the focus is large or small. Click to Tweet #amwriting #scintillatingscenes

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Writing Scintillating Scenes––Part VIII

When writing your first draft, it’s more important to get the story out. Once that’s done, you’ll want to go back and add detail, character responses, and insert any needed description. That’s the importance of revision. Learn to balance your scenes with activity and character response. Click to Tweet #amwriting #scintillatingscenes

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APD Part XII––A Measure of Healing

I said goodbye to the “corporate” world and entered a two-year Bible school certificate program through our church. It changed my life and taught me so many things. A trip halfway across the country brought me a large measure of healing. How did I know? I was tested in it. The only way to know if you’re healed from rejection is to be tested. Click to Tweet #amwriting #rejection #APD

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Writing Scintillating Scenes––Part IV

In every scene, there is a place where something happens, and the scene turns. That’s the focal point. It can be at the beginning, the middle, or at the end of a scene. But it’s in there somewhere. You just have to find it. Are your scenes circular? Meaning, do you feel you’re writing in circles? If they are, you need to find the focal point. The focal point in a scene is where something happens. Click to Tweet #amwriting #scintillatingscenes

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Intro to APD––Part II

Rejection page logoLast week I began to share my story about my lifelong battle/challenge with Avoidance Personality Disorder (APD). I shared my first conscious memory of trouble when I was three. But before that, there were what I call “womb issues.” Because for me, it started there. #amwriting #rejection #APD

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