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Releasing Pain — Rejection Issues Revisited Part III

Are you ready to move past your pain? Do you want to be free from condemnation, self-hatred, low self-esteem? Can you open your heart enough to forgive? Let’s look at it. @donnalhsmith #rejectionissues #rejectionsymptoms #rejectionhope TWEETABLE

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Rejection Issues–Symptoms Part III

the roofOn this website you can find the classic symptoms of rejection, or what is clinically known as Avoidant Personality Disorder. You can check those out here. Today, I’m going to be talking about three symptoms of APD, rejection syndrome, root of rejection. Continue reading “Rejection Issues–Symptoms Part III”

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Here We Go Again–Another Rejection

tear of griefTaking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Nine rejections in a year. Maybe that’s not a lot for most writers, but for someone healing from rejection issues like me, it’s like having a hundred.

I’ve read posts by other writers who say they have so many rejections they could paper a wall with them. Really? I have a feeling they’re exaggerating. Do they keep track of how many they get?

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Handling Jealousy and Envy

when we want what others have
when we want what others have

If you look at my page on Rejection Issues, you’ll see that one of the symptoms is jealousy and envy. In the past, I would admit to some jealousy and envy on my part of other people, because they got the breaks, and I didn’t. It seemed like others always got the breaks, while I languished in Rejectionville, always chosen last or not at all.

As I matured, in faith and in emotional health, I tried hard to eradicate jealousy and envy from my life and my thinking. I was successful for a little while.

Let’s look at the definitions first.

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