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Creating Extraordinary Characters––Wrap-Up

Melanie Wilkes-2  rabb Messala and Judah

It’s been a L-O-N-G series, but I wanted to especially focus in on different tools you can use to identify your characters’ personality types, by looking at least a couple different tools. I won’t get into the four types of Personality Plus; you can look those up yourself. They were created by Florence Littauer, especially to help the common person understand why there are the way they are. #amwriting #characters

Today, I’m wrapping this series up with an encouragement to delve into personality types, characteristics, emotions, conflict, and motivations.

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Creating Extraordinary Characters –– Part III

old man characterCharacters with personality make your readers identify and care about them. There are several ways to determine what your character will be like. Are they introvert or extrovert? Dominant or stable? Sanguine or Phlegmatic? Myers-Briggs, DISC, and Personality Plus are tools writers can use to create characters. Click to Tweet #amwriting #characters

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Creating Extraordinary Characters –– Part II

fountain penIn the beginning…in creating characters, we must begin at the beginning. We’ve talked about a three-word description, and basic information. How do we determine what the basic information will be? Who do you want it to be? Determining the basic information about the character is paramount to creating one amazing character. Click to Tweet #amwriting #characters

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Creating Extraordinary Characters –– Part I

Charlton Heston in Ben-Hur
Charlton Heston in Ben-Hur

Starting a new series of blog posts on characterization this week. Why is it that some characters stick in our minds? What is it about them that causes us identify with them and admire them? I’ll be looking at these questions and others in this new series. Some say it’s all about plot. Others say it’s about character. Click to Tweet #amwriting #characters

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Seamless Self-Editing—Part I

scenebookYou hear it more and more these days. Your manuscript must be “publish-ready” in order for it to be considered. Click to Tweet What does “publish-ready” mean? #amwriting #publish-ready #self-editing

For the next few blog posts, we’ll look at this and how you can improve your raw writing into something closer to “publish-ready.” I’ll be using several resources for this. Today’s resource is The Scene Book, by Sandra Scofield.

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Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015 — Part II

market guide 2015This week, we’ll look at “The Power of Surprise,” from The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015. Dave Lambert wrote all the fiction articles included in this resource. He says “Too often, we Christians are obsessed by control.” Let’s look at that. #ChristianWritersMarketGuide2015 #amwriting

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Writing–Developing Characters–Jackson

Meghans ChoiceIn developing characters for my novel, Meghan’s Choice, I tried to populate my fictional town of New Boston, Kansas, with as many different kinds of characters as possible to challenge Meghan Gallagher’s sensibilities.

I wanted an ex-slave who would still sort of talk like a Negro from the south, but I wanted him to be intelligent and considerate. When I was first thinking of his name, I thought of a black girl I knew in high school, her last name was Jackson. I thought about who an ancestor of hers could be. So I called him Jackson.

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