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Creating Extraordinary Characters––Wrap-Up

Melanie Wilkes-2  rabb Messala and Judah

It’s been a L-O-N-G series, but I wanted to especially focus in on different tools you can use to identify your characters’ personality types, by looking at least a couple different tools. I won’t get into the four types of Personality Plus; you can look those up yourself. They were created by Florence Littauer, especially to help the common person understand why there are the way they are. #amwriting #characters

Today, I’m wrapping this series up with an encouragement to delve into personality types, characteristics, emotions, conflict, and motivations.

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Creating Extraordinary Characters –– Part VIII

demystified sawyerWe’ve been looking at different tools to help build character natures, dispositions, and temperament. Another is Conflict. Using conflict within your characters will create extraordinary situations, responses, and ultimately, characters. Click to Tweet #amwriting #characters

In his book, Fiction Writing Demystified, Tom Sawyer (yes, that’s his real name), says that using and focusing on conflict in your characters will make them tell their story.

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