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What Fuels YOUR Ideas?

Where do you get your inspiration? For me, it can something as simple as a “what if” question to change a story that’s already been written. OR, my mind thinks about an update.

As a mental exercise, I’ve done two updates. I’ve not written these down, and who knows if I’ll ever do them or not?

Tomorrow's Newspaper Today
Tomorrow’s Newspaper Today

I’ve often wondered what the modern version of television’s Early Edition would be like today? That show ran from 1996-2000. The premise: divorced stock broker Gary Hobson gets tomorrow’s newspaper, in this case, The Chicago Sun Times, today. I loved that show, and often wondered how technology would change it. The last episode showed how Gary was chosen to receive the newspaper, and how he chose who would get the newspaper next.

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

Writing Process Blog TourI want to thank the talented Justina Luther for inviting me on this lovely blog tour. Check out her blog! She loves to write fiction, and she’s prolific. Visit her blog by clicking here.

I also want to thank everyone who has read, commented on, liked, and followed my blog! I love writing and sharing my thoughts with you. I hope you are uplifted and encouraged as you read, and maybe sometimes – challenged and inspired.

Without further ado, let the tour commence!

1) What am I working on?

I just completed my novel, Meghan’s Choice. I entered it into Operation First Novel, a contest from Christian Writer’s Guild. I’m also thinking about entering it into a contest sponsored by Westbow Press. I’m going to wait a bit to see if I make the cut on Op. 1st Novel before entering the Westbow contest.

Next week, I’ll be attending a large writer’s conference, where I will pitch the novel to editors and agents. We’ll see what happens. If necessary, I would say, towards the beginning of next year, I’ll know whether I have to self-publish it. If I do, I’ll probably do it POD. Remember that from about 3-4 posts ago?

I’m trying to blog more regularly and expand what is called my platform, and in so doing, expand myself to be a better person.

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Fiction or Non-Fiction – That is the Question

crossed swords 2

Today, we’ll digress a bit from process, but there is a process of choice in this post. Like Hamlet when he gave his famous speech, what you read took thinking, based on your preferences, your tastes, and your genres.

Is there a war between fiction and non-fiction? There doesn’t have to be. I’m encouraging you to read both in this post. It will help you to be more well-rounded.

Why do you read what you read? Are you a reader of fiction or non-fiction? Or both? I believe it’s important to know and recognize that at different stages of our lives, we concentrate on different things. To give myself as an example, I grew up reading fiction, and the probably the only non-fiction I read were biographies, and those were few. I’m gonna get spiritual on ya, but that’s just me. If you disagree, that’s OK.

Somewhere in my late twenties to early thirties – for a period lasting probably twenty years, I read a lot of Christian non-fiction. Why did I switch?

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