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Look Forward, Backward in December — Part IV — Merry Christmas!

Everyone talks about the “best Christmas ever.” That this year’s Christmas is better than last Christmas, which was better than the year before. It shows appreciation, but should we compare? Maybe. If you were to ask me, I don’t have a “best Christmas ever.” I have maybe my “top memorable Christmases” and a few “tough Christmases” I remember. Looking back to remember is important while appreciating the “now,” the present time, We can still look ahead to the future—with hope. #LookForwardBackwardinDecember #amwriting #MerryChristmas @donnalhsmith @a3writers TWEETABLE

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Encouragement, Holidays, Inspirational

Thanksgiving – An Attitude of the Heart

Thanksgiving turkeyWhat are you thankful for? Your home, your job, your family, your health? Those are all things to be thankful for. Are you thankful for your family Thanksgiving traditions? Do you gather around the table with extended family on this day of giving thanks? Do you have turkey and all the fixin’s?

As I get older, my family shrinks and now it’s just my husband and me for Thanksgiving. He’s going to help a friend with a 5K race in the morning. We’ll be together, and we’re going out – depending on the weather. Last year, we helped serve at a community Thanksgiving meal, because we’d talked about doing that for a couple of years, but we waited until after my father-in-law passed. Last year was our first Thanksgiving without any family close by, so we did that. This year, we’re doing something different. Continue reading “Thanksgiving – An Attitude of the Heart”