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Transitions—Part 2

The number 11 has been associated with transition. You know, when you look at your clock, and you see 11:11, whether it’s a.m. or p.m. It’s transition time. Synonyms for transition are change, changeover, evolution, conversion, and shift. We’re always in some sort of transition. Every day is a new day. New mercies, new opportunities, another day to breathe. It’s how we respond in transition, to the things of life that we go through that will determine our future. @donnalhsmith #transition #refreshingstreams #amwriting TWEETABLE

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My Next Step – Part 2


I’m moving on. Meghan’s Choice is in the hands of two publishers and is entered into two contests. I have been advised to let her go for awhile and move on. What are my options? Let’s look at them.

I could start the sequel, Rose’s Redemption. But I really feel like that’s putting the cart before the horse. I hadn’t intended to start that book until Meghan’s Choice was in publishing queue. I still feel that way. I have plotted it out, the way I plot – bullet points of what I want to happen. Not exactly an outline.

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