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Researching Your Story—Part II

train-4My first post a few months ago was called “Research—Imperative for Writers.” That’s a given. I gave a couple examples of what I’d researched for “Meghan’s Choice” and how I used them. I’m going to dig a little deeper and give you some research resources today. Click to Tweet. #storyresearch #storyworld #amwriting

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Research–Imperative for Writers

saloongunfight-280Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, research is the most important thing we do. Movies and television seem to be able to “get away with” not being accurate or getting their facts straight. And maybe in the past, writers could as well. Not anymore. But the thing about fiction is that you can away with fudging a bit, as I am in my novel. I’m fudging a bit on time, on how civilized my hometown was, shoot, I’m even fictionalizing the name of my hometown.

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