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Self-Publishing Tips – Part 2

inkwellA couple months ago, I put in a few tips about self-publishing. As I contemplate the future of Meghan’s Choice, and other stories I’m writing, I want to make sure I do what’s right for each project.

Because aren’t our projects our – baby? And as such, we want what’s best for them. Even if traditional publishing can still be achieved, although difficult, self-publishing is sometimes still the best option. I’m still trying to get Meghan’s Choice published traditionally. Two royalty publishers are looking at it. I’m still hoping one of them will want it. OR that one of the two contests it’s entered into will pick it.

I’ve done some research on self-publishing packages. I’ll outline some of them here. Be advised that most of these are from a Christian publishing perspective. I’ll mention another publisher who’s good for famous people biographies. And lastly, I’ll mention the writer’s guides, that are the “go-to” resources for every writer.

What I saw more than anything else when I googled “self publishing” is that you can pick any website and go there and find out how to get more information. Some of them have PDF files of the publishing packages you can download. Sometimes they ask you for your name and email before you can download their publishing guides. Continue reading “Self-Publishing Tips – Part 2”