Angels Unaware–or–Aware – Part I

Have you ever met an angel? What is an angel? The English word angel comes from the Greek ang´el-os, which means, messenger, or one who brings tidings. I’ll be telling a couple of angel stories today, one is my Mom’s encounter with an angel, one is mine. Both of our encounters are with angels who […]

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Writing Ideas – Part I

Earlier, I posted about what fuels your ideas, and I used “Early Edition” as one of mine. Someday I’d like to get into my head and pull out all of my favorite plot twists, events, characters, settings, etc. – wishing I could put them all together.

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The Power of Story

Stories have been told as long as mankind has existed. What is it about stories that so compels us to want to read, hear, or watch them? Stories keep our attention, our interest, and help us learn. I once saw an interview with actor Michael York. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) had hired him to play […]

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