Things to be Thankful For – Family

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I’ve begun to reflect on what I’m thankful for. The next three days, I’ll be posting on Thanksgiving, since it is a national holiday here in America.

Throwback to childhood

Throwback to childhood

Today – I’m focusing on Family. I came from a family of four…Mom, Dad, my brother Duane, and myself. Here’s a retro picture of me and my brother when we were kids.

I think this picture was originally a slide. I look like I’m around three years old there, making Duane eight. We’re both of the Baby Boomer generation. This picture would have been taken at the house on Harrison Street we lived in for the first five years of my life.

It was a medium-sized Victorian style white house – and it doesn’t exist anymore. We lived right across the street from my grandparents, my dad’s parents. That house still stands today.

I got a love of watching things being built when I was five, because Dad would take me to our new house – while it was still framing. He showed me where all the rooms were going to be, and asked me to use my imagination. I love watching new houses being built today. I credit Dad taking me on some to the construction site as the reason.

DSC01469But my family doesn’t end there. I’m married to a wonderful man, Kirby, for the nearly 27 years. Next week is our anniversary. He has a brother, wife, and adopted daughter, who is also married. This is the most current picture of all us – taken early August. What a wonderful day that was, but bittersweet. Katie and Derek left the next week for Grenada to attend medical school. Left right front : me, Katie, and Jennifer. In back: Glen, hubby Kirby, and Derek.

It was a lovely day for me later, as well. More on that on Friday, when I am thankful for friends.

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