Writing Resources

My small library

My small library

Sometimes I think I’m a librarian with all the books I own. I live in the United States, and books, both print and electronic are easy to come by. So today, since some of you are not from the U.S., but represent 33 countries, I’m going to share with you some of the resources I have that I’ve learned some things from in my online writing classes, as well as books I’ve bought since.

There are so many elements to writing fiction: turning an idea into a book, characters, plot, scenes, emotions, conflict – and that’s the creative part. Then there’s the publishing part: which direction to go – traditional publishing or self-publishing. How much personal involvement and responsibility as the author do I have to market my own book? And how do I do that? Where can I learn?

You could take online writing classes. That’s what I did. Or, you could take writing classes at your local college or university. I had a couple of classes in college, one was freshman English, the other was Scriptwriting class as part of my broadcasting major. I excelled in my scriptwriting class. I talked about that earlier this year.

inkwellI’ll be sharing with you some of the resources I’ve learned from. My writing training came from Christian Writer’s Guild, which has closed. But I learned from the best, and I’ll pass along some of those tips to you, as well as where I found that tip.

As you can see from my small library of writing books, they cover the gamut, from marketing to ideas, to plot, to scenes, to how to make it good.

Tip of the Day: There are many ways to learn, many avenues to try. What’s your passion? My purpose for writing: To write compelling stories that change peoples’ lives, and point them to God.

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