Are you ready for Christmas?

My holly bush with snow

My holly bush with snow

I’ve got Sleigh Bells burning, a Village Candle, to put me in mind for Christmas. Our authentic silver tree with blue balls is up in our Great Room, but unfortunately we don’t have a circular revolving light wheel that currently works. One is melted, the other’s in pieces. But I don’t need decorations to make me feel in the holiday spirit.

As I shared on Thanksgiving Day, as we age, our family shrinks, and so we’re more about local friends, seeing them before and after Christmas, and generally taking it easy. I wrote a short story if you want to look at it called “Nothing to Give” and posted it on Monday. It takes place on Christmas Eve in 1871 rural Kansas. Jamie Rich doesn’t think she has anything to give, so why has Pastor Edwards asked her to come to church that evening and to the refreshment time afterwards?

At some point or other, or many times, in our lives – we may feel we have nothing to give. I liked the short story O. Henry wrote, “The Gift of the Magi.” You remember that story. A young married couple sacrifices to give each other the gift they most want. The twist: what they gave was what they were going to receive, only more. As in the case of the wife, she got her hair cut. What did her husband give her? A beautiful comb (or brush) for her long, long, hair. Oh well.

What have you got that you can share with others this Christmas? It can be anything, a unique handmade gift with the person in mind, a gift certificate or gift card to a relative’s favorite store, money in a bank envelope (that’s how my father-in-law used to do it), or shopping until you drop trying to find that perfect present for your BFF. OR, it can be your time.

In my short story posted under that category, Jamie Rich has had a rough time of it. She looks around her log cabin and feels she has nothing to spare, nothing to give. She has a surprise waiting for her that evening. Read it and find out what it is.

We give gifts at Christmas because we are following the tradition of the Three Wise Men, who brought gifts to the baby Jesus in the manger. Maybe I’ll look at those three gifts next week. They each had something to contribute to Christ’s life.

So I ask again, what do you have to give – of your time, of yourself? Leave a comment and let me know.

2 Comments on “Are you ready for Christmas?”

  1. Hi Donna, I made cookies for all the neighbors. Also homemade cranberry sauce and it’s been a real hit this year. Everyone loves it! More later…


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