What You Liked – Happy Anniversary Today!

Yellow irises from my flower box

Yellow irises from my flower box

I’m looking back this week. This blog celebrates it’s one-year anniversary today. It seems unbelievable to me. I appreciate every one of you who read and follow this on a regular basis. On the anniversary tomorrow, I’ll spell out details of some giveaways I’ve got planned. I’ve never done that before, but there will be something for both new followers and the faithful.

In 2014, you liked these posts the best. Writing Emotional Pain – without bleeding too much on your readers. You can review it here. The next best thing you liked was Let’s Face It – What About Brick Walls? You can refresh your memory here. And you continue to like my Self-Publishing Tips, Part 2, where I recommend several places to publish. I’m taking myself up on one of them. You can find that link here.

This year so far, you’ve liked, and gave me the highest views in a day yet for Please – Get Your Facts Straight. You can find that link here. You also really seem to enjoy my story of Rochelle from just a couple of weeks ago called Eternal Moments of the Day. You can access that post here.

Again – Thank You So Much! You Are Appreciated!

Stay tuned for more fun this week.

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