An Update to My Writing Journey

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I haven’t written much lately about my writing journey, which is originally why I started this blog, so I thought I’d share an update. Even when things appear to go slowly, sometimes progress isn’t seen until a step back is taken. Today, I’m stepping back and taking an inventory of what I’m involved in that is writing related.

I’ve begun an adaptation of an old Zorro story I wrote three (only three?) years ago on It’s called Lightning Strikes Twice. I’m changing the time and place from 1820 Spanish California to 1872 Kansas. It’s a fun challenge. I’m keeping the basic plot about the hero being struck by lightning twice in one day, and the after-effects of that near-death experience. I haven’t worked on it for about three months, but I’ll get back to it one of these days. Here’s the first line: “Giddyup Royal! We’ve got a storm to beat!” With that in mind, what would be the first line of my Zorro story? It’s actually different. I changed the first scene to try to hook the reader with the first line. Would it have been “Let’s go, Tornado! A bad storm is coming!” It could have been, but here’s the actual first line from that story: “Zorro noticed the gathering storm clouds while taking his charges to Pueblo de Los Angeles.” Which one do you like the best?

train ovalNot much is happening with Meghan’s Choice right now. It’s being considered at an Indie publishing house nearby. I’m hoping to hear from them within the next month or so whether they’ll accept it. I’m very hopeful they will. After eight rejections within a year, it will be nice to have it accepted somewhere. Eight turndowns may not seem like many, but for a person with rejection issues, it’s a lot. I am healing from rejection, and I let each one go as soon as my emotions can release them. Those rejections helped me to grow and heal more swiftly than ever. Because I’ve learned three things: release quickly, forgive speedily, and move forward. Someday I’ll post more, but I’m still gathering my thoughts on it.

I’m doing other writing. I maintain this blog by posting twice a week, one inspirational and one writing-related post. I also contribute to a group blog, and I’ve begun to do editing for my church’s network. Along with my spiritual development classes, I needed an internship. In re-developing my internship associated with my program, I asked about opportunities with the school and the church’s network. Thankfully, I’m getting some hours doing what I love – something writing related. I’m doing editing for them. That will help to sharpen my own writing.

I’m not making any money with my writing yet. If I really wanted to, I could ask a regional magazine editor if I could write articles for them again. They paid well, but I’d have to write what they assign. I’d rather write what I want to write at this time.

Within the last week, I helped birth a new chapter for American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) in my state. I’d been working towards that goal for about seven months, since I took over as Area Coordinator for Pennsylvania. That’s been a source of great joy to bring that into the world with 25 members.

Our group blog is going to be undergoing more changes soon. Another member left us, and we’re down to four. We discussed ideas to improve our writing of stories and how to grow readers. It’s always a challenge to change, learn from failure and try again. But these gals are great. We were all Craftsman classmates under Christian Writers Guild. We were a part of the second to last “official” Craftsman class, Craftsman XI. I count it a privilege to work alongside these talented and gifted women.

A year ago, I fell in Jerusalem and broke my wrist. After sitting around virtually useless (or so I felt) until I could type with two hands three months later, I love being busy. But I know how to take time for myself, too. That’s important. We have many demands on our time. Taking time for ourselves, getting away from the writing for a short time, will help our creative juices to flow again. I know my step backward now will help me take further steps forward this spring and summer.

That’s what’s going on with my writing. What’s going on with you – if you’re a writer? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Hi Donna, I don’t consider myself a writer, at least not yet. I’ve begun a diary of sorts about my life experiences. I hope to add to it until a story forms. Actually, I’ve got many stories to tell, too many for just one book! Thanks for your posts and your blogs!


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