Meghan’s Choice Update

Meghans ChoiceI alluded to this in yesterday’s post, but I now have a literary agent. We’re working together to make my manuscript and book proposal the best it can be so we can find a publisher. It’s the first step in the traditional publishing process, and it’s a pretty big one for me. Why is it important to have an agent? #amwriting #whyanagent Click to Tweet

Publishing has changed dramatically in the last few years. Would-be authors have flooded the market with self-published books; many of poor quality, but a growing number are improving, and not so obvious. Since I was trained by authors who were published traditionally, I thought I’d try that avenue first; always keeping in the back of my mind that self-publishing was an option.

Here’s what happened recently. I attended a writer’s retreat/conference in North Carolina where I’d entered “Meghan’s Choice” in three contests. It placed in two: 3rd in Best Opening Paragraph, and 2nd in Best First Page. As a result, I got an email the next day from an agent who’d turned me down last year. Wow!

Almost An Author

Almost An Author

They asked me to resubmit my book proposal and sample chapters. Unbeknownst to me at the same time, this agency was recruiting someone I already knew to become a new agent with their company. This guy is an energizer bunny. Last spring, he recruited me to be a contributing member of A3,, a new website he was building to help people grow like me grow platform. As soon as it was official that he’d become an agent, he asked me to submit my book proposal and my manuscript to him. Within an hour, he wanted to sign me!

I’ve always said, “Whoever gets me first…” Well, he got me first. This agency got me first, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve since learned from the agent who turned me down several things I didn’t know before…like “I’ve kept my eye on you…we hated to turn you down last year…” That so warms my heart. Now, just so you know, this is not the agency whose intern put “please reject” in the subject line of an email last year. This is the “nice” agency that turned me down a year ago.

Why is it important to have an agent? They’re going to be able to pitch my novel to publishers who wouldn’t normally give me the time of day unless I happened to meet them at a conference. They’ll help me understand the terms of any publishing contract I may be offered, and by my cheerleader, my advocate. #whyanagent #amwriting Click to Tweet

What about you? Has something good happened to you lately you’d like to share? Leave a comment and let me know.

8 Comments on “Meghan’s Choice Update”

  1. Oh Donna, I am so very excited for you. Jumping for joy with you. I know your agent and He is going to represent you well. High five sista.


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