I’m Not Afraid of the 7/7/7 Challenge

7-7-7 challengeWriting friend, Kelly Barr, tagged me for this fun 7/7/7 challenge. I hope you’ll think it’s fun, too. #amwriting #777challenge

So, here are the rules (they’re really quite simple):

Go to page 7 of your work-in-progress.

  • Scroll down to line #7.
  • Share the next 7 lines of your manuscript in a blog post.
  • Tag 7 other writers (with blogs) to continue the challenge.

Lightning Strikes Twice

“Let’s make a lightning rod!” Ethan was always thinking to teach Eric––something he’d been doing his whole life. It was different now that they were home from Washington. He graduated in the first law school class at Georgetown University, while Eric studied at Gallaudet Deaf University. Pa wanted him to help establish law and order in Kansas, whether as a lawman, lawyer, or judge, so he went to college. They’d talked at length about it. He had a passion for justice as strong as Pa’s.

Eric was bright, and learned sign language quickly. He learned to sign along with Eric, but…

I hereby nominate the following people, (you can do it or not, it doesn’t matter to me  🙂 )


Justina Luther

Meagan Briggs

Carol Hamilton

Christina Banks

Natalie Walters

It’s a fun and non-threatening challenge, but if any of you tagged don’t want to participate, that’s OK. #amwriting #777challenge

This current work is a novella I’m adapting from an old Zorro story.

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