Platform Tips––Part IV

from Flickr

from Flickr

We’ve been discussing “platform” and what it means to aspiring authors, and defined it as influence and measured in terms of “discoverability.” Dividing a stage into four parts, each week, we’ve been talking about one section of platform. The first section was a blog. Section two was social media. Last week I talked a bit about the different social media and what they represent. Section three is marketing. Click to Tweet #amwriting #platform

Marketing can be intimidating to those who are introverts. It smacks of “selling yourself.” We hate to think of it. In a way, we are having to “sell” ourselves. As an author wannabe, you are a new product that needs to be revealed and promoted. If we think of it more in these terms of “getting the word out”––it’s a better, and more positive way of looking at it.

We’ve been talking about social media and blogging as two parts of your platform. Marketing is the third, but it will use both blogging and social media. However, marketing is so much more than what we’ve been discussing.

bullhornWhat does it mean to “get the word out?” Think of something spectacular that no one knows about, a new product, new movie, or sports figure. They seem to explode on the world’s stage. They become an “overnight” sensation, don’t they? How did that happen?

Generally speaking, it happens because of the work that goes on behind the scenes in promotion, talking it up, using broadcast and advertising. Word-of-mouth is included in marketing. You tell ten friends, and ask them to tell ten friends. You tell your family members, and ask them to tell people in their sphere of influence. That’s word-of-mouth. The information gets disseminated and people learn about the product or service being marketed.

These days, word-of-mouth works well in conjunction with social media, because a lot of it is free. Facebook not only lets you put together a commercial or author page, but also lets you schedule an event, where you can post information with others during a time period.

Marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating. A little can go a long way. Click to Tweet #amwriting #platform

What about you? Does the idea of marketing yourself intimidate you? Leave a comment and let me know.


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