Square Dancing with Jesus

This is the first of a series of guest posts by friends of mine. These posts will be inspirational and encouraging. This one’s very sweet. #MissingGrandpa #SquaredancingwithJesus

By Cherrilynn Bisbano

“I miss Grampa,” my son said, with tears streaming down his face. “I wish he never died.”

My heart broke as my son sobbed and hugged his bear.

“I miss him too.” I said.

I prayed and asked God to give me the words to say.

“I also miss Grandma Colby, and Terry. And I know you must miss Sue.”

My fourteen-year-old son has experienced much loss over the last few years. Each person a follower of Jesus.

As I hugged my son the Spirit impressed upon my heart 2 Corinthians 5:8 where the Apostle Paul states,

“Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord.”

I thought to myself, In the Lords presence, no one is dead. In fact, they are more alive than ever.


My son lifted his head and wiped tears from his big blue eyes.

“Their bodies are in the ground, but their spirits are with Jesus. They are all more alive than ever. No cancer or Alzheimer’s. ”

A big smile replaced his frown.

I silently thanked God for giving me the words to say to my grieving son. I too was encouraged as I pictured my loved ones walking and talking with Jesus.

“Do you think they are talking to each other?” my son said as he hugged his bear tighter.

“Yes, I bet Grandma and Jesus are square-dancing.” I smiled at the thought.

“I still miss them, Mom.”

“It’s ok to miss them, but they wouldn’t want us to fret because we will see them again.” I hoped that was enough for him right now.

“I can’t wait to hug them and Jesus.”

My son swirled his bear in the air as he imitated a square dance.

Death will never have victory over a believer. Click to Tweet Do you have a loved one in Heaven? Share a fond memory. Join the conversation. Leave a comment and let me know. #MissingGrandpa #SquaredancingwithJesus


Cherrilynn Bisbano is a speaker, editor, coach, and writer. Her passion for helping people is evident because of her love of Christ. Other favorite things include coffee, chocolate, and cats. She is the Managing Editor at Almost an Author, an online community for aspiring writers. Acquisitions Reader for Literary Agent, Cyle Young. She is a two-time winner of Flash Fiction Weekly. You can find her published in Amramp, More to Life (MTL), Christian Rep, Refresh, Southern Writers, and other magazines. Contributor to, Breaking the Chains. http://amzn.to/2sZ2eTV Cherrilynn proudly served in the Navy and Air National Guard; earning the John Levitow Military leadership award.  She lives with her fifteen-year-old son, Michael, Jr., and husband of 18 years, Michael, Sr.

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