Happy Independence Day!

The Fourth of July has always been a fun holiday for me––well, mostly. When I was a kid, I first lit those black “snakes” on our back porch’s concrete floor. Firecrackers scared me when I was little. My brother wasn’t afraid, and eventually I overcame my fear. By junior high, I was lighting firecrackers and throwing them away as soon as possible. We’d heard the horror stories of people’s fingers and hands blown off by holding on to the firecracker too long. I wasn’t about to take a chance on that. #firecrackers #fourthofjuly Firecrackers are a reminder that our forefathers fought a war to free us from England. Click to Tweet

Occasionally, Dad would give us a special treat, and take us to the fireworks celebration at our local park. We didn’t always go, because Dad didn’t like crowds or traffic, and I usually got eaten up by mosquitos. I’m slightly allergic to mosquitos. I get welts for bites instead of little bumps (the welts don’t shrink for a few days), and the bites itch for about a week.

When I got older, Mom & Dad bought a small trailer and took it to a small, local lake. Mom and I would gather up food, and we’d go make hamburgers and who knows what else. Dad and some friends built a screened-in front porch to the trailer––though even small bugs drawn to light somehow got through the screen. But we’d eat supper in the daylight, and stay late into the evening, before going home. It was very quiet and peaceful there. We always had a nice time.

My family were game players. We’d play card games, board games, whatever. Or sometimes, just sit and talk. My grandparents, (Dad’s parents) would come celebrate the Fourth with us for the evening. I described this lake and some of its environs in my first novel, Meghan’s Choice.

After dark, we’d break out the sparklers. Those were always my favorite. A few times, I even had those giant sparklers that lasted a really long time. I would brave the mosquitos in order to do sparklers.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate the Fourth this year, remember the forefathers who fought for our independence. Click to Tweet What holiday traditions do you observe? Leave a comment and let me know. #firecrackers #fourthofjuly

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