Family is All Relative––Part III

Last week, I talked about my friend Darla. How I’ve known her for about 24 years, and we’ve been through a lot together and apart for a while. This week, I want to share Melanie with you. She’s another close friend, and it’s possible she and I have been through more in a shorter period of time, than Darla and I have. #familyisrelative #friendsascloseasfamily

My friends, are closer to me than most of my family is, although this year, that could change. I have, in particular, three friends who live in my area that I call upon when I need prayer. These women are like sisters to me. We are, in a way, sisters––we are all believers in Jesus Christ, and we pray for each other, and get together occasionally. They are who I turn to.

Melanie is one of those wonderful friends. Oh my. Where do I start? We met in Bible School and hit it off right away. We roomed together at the Bible School retreat in Ocean City, Maryland. She so fell in love with the place, it’s where her family still goes, when they want a beach getaway.

She is truly a remarkable woman who has been through a lot in her life. Her oldest daughter is Down’s Syndrome, a wonderful woman named Melissa, who is now in her 30s. Although Melissa doesn’t speak (yet––we hope she will one day), I think she’s an open book, who lets you know how she feels.

My friend Melanie and I went on a journey together to become certified teachers through a particular ministry. She made it. I didn’t. We had some pretty intense and soul-baring talks about that in the years that followed. It was always a difficult time for her to teach that material, although she was splendid at it. She said it took a toll on her emotionally––and was gut-wrenching. I could never quite understand that, but that’s where our personalities were different.

We’ve gone different directions in our “career” paths, but we remain close friends. She’s like a sister to me. Even though we may not see each other more than a few times a year, whenever we do talk on the phone or get together, it doesn’t take long to catch up and it’s like we were never apart.

Melanie helped me through the two toughest times in my life. When Mom died, she came up and helped me organize my closet, because I just didn’t have the energy. And when I failed to certify as a teacher, and she passed, she was so supportive, encouraging, and loving.

Do you have close friends that are like family? Leave a comment and let me know. #familyisrelative #friendsascloseasfamily


2 Comments on “Family is All Relative––Part III”

  1. Yes, I DO feel comfortable calling your “family”. Definitely like a sister that already knows my quirks, triggers, hopes, dreams, dislikes, and goals. You are aware of my level of faith in all seasons. The ups and downs, the sideways and backwards of my inner person. I feel safe with you in all this. Glad you feel the same way. Thanks for the honor of being in your blog. Praying for your wellness.


  2. I don’t know how anyone could fail to love you sis. You n Kirby are bright shiny beacon to those in the darkness


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