Another Year, Another Birthday

I really do love my birthday. (on Wednesday). It’s just the older I get, the less I like it. And yet, I still wanna celebrate it. About seventeen years ago, while Mother was living with us, she’d had a medical reversal and didn’t even know when it was my birthday. I didn’t push the subject with her. We just celebrated in a much downplayed fashion that year. #anotheryear #anotherbirthday

So much has changed for me this year. I’ve found two half-siblings, two biological aunts, and a couple biological cousins to connect with. For them to welcome me into their hearts, warms mine in a way nothing else does.

And, I told you already about cousin Becca, and my impressive 95-year old Aunt Donna. Becca and I are firmly and closely connected, even though I’m not “biologically” related to her. We are close in spirit.

It’s usually either really hot and humid or rainy on my birthday, because it’s August. This year, it’s supposed to be fairly nice. “Mostly sunny and pleasant” is the forecast. High of 82. Wow!

When I was growing up, I usually I spent my birthday with family. I still do. Kirby takes the day off work to spend with me. We’ve established a tradition now. I love Cracker Barrel. So, we’re going there for breakfast. I’m planning on getting Momma’s French Toast Breakfast, and bring home the extra food I don’t eat.

Then, we shop at an outlet mall. I love the kitchen gadget stores, and we usually get a few things we need there. We do some window shopping, and sometimes we find something fun. For dinner, we’ll probably go to a local Italian restaurant we both love.

But this year, even though the events to celebrate will be basically the same, my heart is changed. It’s full. I have more people in my life again, and I love it.

Also, I look forward to the release of my first novel, probably in late November. I already wonder how it will do, and whether or not people will like it. But whatever happens with that, just the fact it’s going to be published, has been such an encouragement to me this year.

What do you like to do on your birthday? How do you celebrate? Leave a comment and let me know. #anotheryear #anotherbirthday


2 Comments on “Another Year, Another Birthday”

  1. It has been an amazing year for you! So many new and unexpected chapters in your life opened! Now the adventure begins and the story unfolds. You (and God) are the author. Excited for you, my friend. Happy Birthday!!!!!


  2. I’m so happy for you, Donna! My youngest niece and her husband just moved in with us. I think they’ll be here for awhile, maybe a couple of years. It’s very nice to be able to minister to extended family when they really need it. Extended family is certainly wonderful and makes one feel like very much a part of something bigger. God bless you, and I look forward to reading your book when it comes out!


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