September 2 Remember—Part IV

I’m writing this post on the day my mother would have turned 103 years old if she were still alive. She lived to be 89-1/2. Bless her heart. I remember and honor her and Aunt Helen, because they were identical twins. Who in your life used to be there, but isn’t anymore, because of separation or death? #September2Remember @donnalhsmith @a3writers

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I was adopted. Aunt Helen’s husband, Uncle Phil, was a doctor, and he delivered me. And I was adopted by my parents Don and Dorothy and raised in Kansas with my brother.

September was always memorable because, I usually was already back in school after summer vacation—and then, it was Mom’s birthday. Have you heard of the book/movie “I Remember Mama?” About a Norwegian woman raising her brood in early 20th century San Francisco. I’m going to imitate that by telling a couple of “Mom” stories, and how I remember my Mom.

First Memory

I don’t have a “first” memory of Mom, because she was always there. I was a bit preemie, so I was in the hospital, in an incubator, for my first 13 days of life. When I was released, I went home with Mom and Dad.

First Time I Saw Her Cry

I was about five or six when we got the news that my Uncle Tex had died tragically in a car accident. Mom got off the phone, sat down in our turquoise nagahide chair and cried. I’d only met him one time that I could remember.

Favorite Memory(ies)

I have many, here are a few…1) when I got my first broadcast job, we danced around the small kitchen at home. 2) doing calisthenics together on the living room floor (in my 20s, in her 60s). 3) the look on her face when she saw me in the first wedding gown I ever tried on…but we both agreed that the one I picked (#3), was the best for me. 4) the precious, wistful look in her eyes whenever God would touch her. She wouldn’t say much, but I could tell something was going on inside.

There are so many more memories I could talk about, but suffice it to say, Mom was the best mom for me.

Things She Taught Me

She taught me lots of things… 1) how to jiggle a toilet to get it to stop running, and look inside to the innards. 2) how to be methodical and not skip steps or take shortcuts. 3) how to be a grammar/spelling expert. (Can’t say ‘queen’, because I’m still not the best at that). 4) how to compact trash and keep stuffing it in. 5) mending, because that was her gift, not sewing.

So many more things could be said about my mom, but I want to hear your favorite memories about the month of September. How is it memorable for you? Leave a comment and let me know. #September2Remember @donnalhsmith @a3writers

2 Comments on “September 2 Remember—Part IV”

  1. Donna, you’re the only person I know whose Mother was older than my Mom! My mom would have been 99 years old this year! My funniest memory of my mom was her motivational tool to help my brother get ready for 🛏. They would have a “race”. My mom would giggle & laugh as she conveniently “lost” the race every time! My brother had severe ADHD, so it was always a struggle to get him ready for bed.


    • Yeah, Mom was 39 was I was born. Isn’t it amazing what we remember about our moms? I love that story about the creativity your mom showed in getting your brother to bed. And you know, back in our day, they didn’t call it ADHD. Thanks for commenting, Dorothy! 🙂


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