Two Worlds

It’s been nearly two whole years since I wrote a blog post. At that time, I decided I wouldn’t write another post until I had something to say. Well, I finally have lots to say! This has been a website for writers and ministry. The main focus will be on ministry and healing, and what God is doing. None of the past information on writing will be deleted. Sometimes having my foot in two worlds is awkward, sometimes uncomfortable. Sometimes, the familiarity of both worlds is comforting, but sometimes thinking I may be saying goodbye to one world (or at least have diminished contact) to embrace another is a melancholy feeling. @donnalhsmith #twoworlds #encouragement #inspirational

I feel like I have my foot in two worlds. While there are some crossovers, they are for me, two different worlds. In the last three years, my whole life and focus have changed, and yet, there is still a lingering project from my past Christian fiction life that needs to be completed—as well as beginning new projects (both writing and ministry) that I have begun.

For those of you who actually know me, you know that in 2017, I went through a horrendous ten months of tooth problems, which were finally resolved. In 2018, I began attending an online healing school—healing for the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. This connected with my past college experience with Oral Roberts University, where educating the whole person and keeping them healthy was the focus there, too. I felt I had come full circle.

2018 was one of the best years of my life. I was writing my second novel, and it got published toward the end of that year. My 1st novel placed in two contests, and I got to present workshops at six different writers’ conferences, (all were pretty small, but still). I was hoping 2019 would be the same—that I had finally reached the place I had been trying to get to my whole life. My pastor would call it my “sweet spot.” I thought I had too.

But in 2019, all the doors that had opened to me in 2018 seemed closed. I only presented at one writers’ conference all year.

Spiritually, I was growing in leaps and bounds, and with that—my focus began to shift from writing novels to learning and practicing more about healing. Then, in a wild and crazy moment that seemed to be confirmed by both God and others, I entered an online seminary in October of 2019. I’ve been on a journey ever since.

I’m nearly done now. I only have two classes left, and one of those starts in two weeks. It’s on Spiritual Formation. I’ve heard it’s a great class, where the professor ministers personally during Zoom sessions as we talk about the subject of the week. My last class will begin in October and I’ll receive my degree next April in Virginia at a special graduation ceremony during a Global Awakening conference.

Anyway, more will be coming. I may not be regular at posting for a while yet, but stay tuned. The next chapter in my life is beginning to reveal itself and I think it will be exciting. I’ve had a little preview of it a couple of times in the last year, and soon, I’ll be able to speak more about it.

@donnalhsmith #twoworlds #encouragement #inspirational

3 Comments on “Two Worlds”

  1. Dearest Donna,
    It is so good to hear from you. I am your distant cousin. My Great Great Grandfather was Samuel Clark Whitwam. I received your emails concerning your Grand Fathers letters. That said I have followed you and am excited to see what the Lord is doing. Please keep us updated with news of His Mighty and Glorious Works. Embrace By Grace, Cheri Armstrong.


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