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Writing Romance 101––Part V

We’re still building a heroine named Susie. We don’t know too much about her yet. Here’s a good tip: use little flaws or imperfections to make your heroine someone your readers can identify with. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writingromance101 #craftingtheheroine

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Eclipse Fever

Eclipse Shadows on my front porch

I love to watch special events in the heavens when I can, so I watched the solar eclipse on Monday through my pinhole and three pairs of sunglasses. I didn’t watch more than a second or two, just enough to see where it was and how much of the sun was blocked. My vision was not affected. #eclipse2017

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Story-fixing Your Novel––Part V


Villains. Scoundrels. Antiheroes. Adversaries. Mwmah ha ha! Every story needs an antagonist. Click to Tweet #amwriting #story-fixing

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Putting Fire in Your Fiction–Part II

The Fire in FictionSince I’m always on a quest to learn more and share it with you, I’ll share a bit from Chapter 1, Protagonists vs. Heroes. My focus will be something that challenged me when I wrote “Meghan’s Choice.” My first incarnation of Meghan Gallagher was that she was a spoiled brat who felt entitled. I know, you want to throw up. Who wants to hear about someone like that? Well, Janette Oke did it in When Calls the Heart. Actually, Elizabeth Thrasher does not feel entitled, or she wouldn’t have gone west. I wanted someone similar, yet different for my protagonist.

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