Eclipse Fever

Eclipse Shadows on my front porch

I love to watch special events in the heavens when I can, so I watched the solar eclipse on Monday through my pinhole and three pairs of sunglasses. I didn’t watch more than a second or two, just enough to see where it was and how much of the sun was blocked. My vision was not affected. #eclipse2017

I missed all four of the blood moons from the last few years. I would have really liked to have seen them, but I got confused about the first two, when I should look, and then we had clouds the second two.

Eclipse shadows on my driveway.

Historically, special events in the sky were held with great importance by people of the day. Many felt they foretold or foreshadowed events that would follow. If we claim to be followers of Christ, then we need to be in touch with what God is doing in the world, be it through natural events, such an eclipse, or a supernatural event, like biblical plagues, or the parting of the Red Sea.

I’ve never seen a shooting star or a comet. I didn’t see the meteor shower that we were supposed to have seen recently. I’ve also never seen the Northern Lights. Maybe someday I will. Because I was given a love of the starry sky as a young girl, even though in the summer, I’d get mosquito bites if I was out after dark.

From my point of view, these celestial events draw me closer to God in a way I might not have paid attention to before. I’m not into End Times Prophecy beyond knowing what the Bible says about it. But, we’re living in times that are extraordinary, no matter what your life philosophy is. Things happen that are unprecedented. Head-in-the-sand attitude doesn’t work. I don’t get all hepped up anymore with the horrific…I’m in my sixties, I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff on the news from the time I was nine years old and President Kennedy was assassinated.

Since I didn’t go all gaga over the eclipse, but did my non-techie version, I watched a short video on my phone’s weather app about how to take good pictures of “eclipse shadows.” That’s what you see here. The shadows were on my walkway stones, my front porch, and my driveway. I thought they were neat, and they connected to what I couldn’t really see much of in the sky. #eclipse 2017

My thought for today is: Be aware of your surroundings. Tune in to what God may want to say to you. Respect nature and what God shows us of Himself through it. And when the unusual happens, be anchored in His word.


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