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Seamless Self-Editing––Part III

In this series, we’re focusing on editing our own work, to make it the best we can, so it has a better chance of being “publish-ready.” More publishers, especially small ones, are headed this direction. The smaller publishers used to be more likely to publish an unknown author. Not anymore. If you’re unknown, your manuscript […]

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Seamless Self-Editing—Part II

Last week, I started a series of blog posts on Seamless Self-Editing. Let’s get our manuscript “publish-ready.” Refer to last week’s post for my definition. Today, we’ll look at basic proofreading. Spell check in Microsoft Word or whatever word processing program you use—is simply not good enough. Click to Tweet #amwriting #publishready #selfediting The following […]

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Seamless Self-Editing—Part I

You hear it more and more these days. Your manuscript must be “publish-ready” in order for it to be considered. Click to Tweet What does “publish-ready” mean? #amwriting #publish-ready #self-editing For the next few blog posts, we’ll look at this and how you can improve your raw writing into something closer to “publish-ready.” I’ll be […]

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Writing Resource—Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript—Part III

This week, I’m continuing my series on tips for novel synopsis formatting. Here’s the only place you can “tell” rather than “show.” Click to Tweet #amwriting #synopsis

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Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript – Part II

This week, I’ll begin a series of posts based on this resource. Even though it’s six years old, it’s still a great place to start. Since I’m a fiction writer, I’ll deal with Chapter 5: Novels. I recently re-posted from February, the first article from this resource that discussed cover letters. Today, let’s talk synopsis. […]

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Christian Writer’s Market Guide—Part III

This week, I’ll give you hints on formatting, from this resource. Jerry Jenkins wrote this section on Writer’s Helps. This one’s called “Keys to Professional Formatting.” What’s the big deal about formatting? One word: professionalism Click to Tweet #amwriting #formatting

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Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015 — Part II

This week, we’ll look at “The Power of Surprise,” from The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015. Dave Lambert wrote all the fiction articles included in this resource. He says “Too often, we Christians are obsessed by control.” Let’s look at that. #ChristianWritersMarketGuide2015 #amwriting

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Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015 — Part I

Its tagline is: “Everything you need to get published.” I’m starting a new series of posts on Jerry B. Jenkins’ Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015. I know this year is nearly over, but this resource has only been out about five months, so it’s still current. #ChristianWritersMarketGuide2015 #amwriting Click to Tweet

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Researching Your Story—Part II

My first post a few months ago was called “Research—Imperative for Writers.” That’s a given. I gave a couple examples of what I’d researched for “Meghan’s Choice” and how I used them. I’m going to dig a little deeper and give you some research resources today. Click to Tweet. #storyresearch #storyworld #amwriting

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Show and Tell — Part III When to Use Narrative Summary

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers By Renni Browne & Dave King Second Edition In referring to this resource on Show v. Tell, today, we’ll be looking at times when narrative summary (telling) can actually enhance the scenes that advance the story along (showing). Click to Tweet #selfediting #amwriting #showvtell

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