Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015 — Part I

market guide 2015Its tagline is: “Everything you need to get published.” I’m starting a new series of posts on Jerry B. Jenkins’ Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015. I know this year is nearly over, but this resource has only been out about five months, so it’s still current. #ChristianWritersMarketGuide2015 #amwriting Click to Tweet

Since Jerry Jenkins has taken over this guide, he’s changed it a lot — for the better. Because he operated Christian Writers Guild for about fourteen years, he had a lot of educational materials at his disposal, and he’s included some of them in this resource.

These educational articles are under various “Bonus Section: Writer’s Helps.” They’re scattered throughout the book, dealing with everything from the basics, to how to write an article, to writing fiction and non-fiction books. Having this resource is like having the basics of most of Christian Writers Guild courses.

Jerry B. Jenkins

Jerry B. Jenkins

Since I’m a fiction writer now, I’ll share something from that section. Everything from this section is written by published author of ten books, Dave Lambert. His first article is “Knowing Enough About Your Characters.” He starts it out by saying, “Most novelists are guilty of not knowing enough about their characters — inventing just enough as they go to get by, but never developing the depth of understanding of their characters to bring authenticity to their depiction.” Pg. 433

That’s quite a slam. “…Most novelists…” Really? Wow. Is it because people start out writing without knowing the basics first? That could be. That’s one reason I like to blog about writing. I’ve learned a lot about writing and from some of the best. I love to share what I’ve learned here, to encourage and inspire you in your writing.

This book is a one-stop Christian writer’s resource, with listings of publishing companies, writing contests, conferences, writers groups, genres and who takes what, agents, you-name-it — it’s here.

Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2015 really is all you need to get published. Available at Amazon and from him, #ChristianWritersMarketGuide2015 #amwriting Click to Tweet

Next week, we’ll take a look at one type of listings. What inspires your writing? Leave a comment and let me know.

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